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Stop flushing your vitamins down the toilet

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Imagine paying for expensive vitamins, and literally pissing them down the toilet. That’s what can happen if you don’t have healthy gut bacteria to activate and chemically modulate these vitamins.

Watch our deep dive into probiotics and prebiotics, or keep reading:

Are you taking probiotics? Are you taking a multivitamin? Why do you care? 

We have trillions of bacterial cells colonizing our large intestine and some of our small intestine. These bacteria are normal, productive, and critical to your body’s normal function. Without these bacteria, you can have malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies, and the beginning of chronic disease. These bacteria have lived with us in a beautiful symbiosis from the beginning.

Unfortunately, our western diets do not support these healthy bacteria. Part of western culture involves the utilization of antibiotics with a very low threshold. I do not necessarily criticize this practice, but we have to face the potential unintended consequences. One of these unintended consequences is the depletion of healthy gut bacteria. We also have diets that are typically high in sugar and over processed foods. We also have diets that are very low in fiber. All of these things contribute to the poor health of our gut bacteria.

Probiotics are dehydrated, healthy bacteria. These bacteria replenish those that have been lost in our large intestine. These bacteria help reclaim much of the normal function that we require for a healthy immune system, healthy vitamin activation of enzymes, and many other processes critical to homeostasis.

Numerous clinical trials have demonstrated the benefit of supplementation with probiotics. Many products claim to include probiotics as part of their ingredients. In the development of Tchê, we reviewed the clinical literature, and included an amount of probiotic, which is supported by clinical evidence. With every serving of Tchê you are taking in literally billions of healthy, strong, active bacteria that will help you reclaim, strong gut health.

It’s time to reclaim your body the way it was designed.

Eat clean, be active, live life to its fullest, drink Tchê. 

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