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You're not gonna believe how good you feel.

  • plant based energy (yerba mate & guarana)

  • complete multivitamin

  • probiotics & prebiotics

  • collagen

  • omega 3 & 6

  • tons of antioxidants

  • taurine

try it today!

fabio sagebin
"There was a time that I was drinking a couple of energy drinks a day to get through the long operations and long days in the hospital. I knew this was not a good long-term solution for sustaining energy and optimal health.

After more than a year and many, many iterations, we are proud to introduce the world to Tchê."

Dr. Fabio Sagebin MD / Creator of Tchê

Cardiothoracic Surgeon 

whole, plant-based energy.

Yerba Mate and Guarana contain a family of molecules that have energy-giving properties, including caffeine.

When you drink Tche, there are no caffeine extracts. Instead, you are consuming whole plants with: 

energy that fits your lifestyle.

We understand that not everyone’s energy needs are the same, so we made Tchê available with three different levels of caffeine that you can choose from.


as much as a
hot chocolate


as much as a
caffeinated soda


as much as an energy drink

how to enjoy

scoop and mug icon

one scoop

(1 tbsp) of tchê

one cup (8oz) of liquid (water, milk, or both)

frother icon

dissolve with shaker bottle, frother, or mixing vigorously

enjoy hot or cold

fire and ice icon

try it before committing!

how do

We are happy to send you a 30-day supply every month so you don’t have to remember to keep ordering. We have excellent customer support so you can try new flavors, get extra supplies, or change the delivery schedule.


To change flavor or caffeine amount, contact us before shipment and we can change your subscription details.

We will work with you to make Tche an awesome part of your daily life.

yerba mate drink by tche, flavor terra, brown liquid in a glass


 Tche focuses on five clinical domains:

Brain & Mind, Heart Health, Skin & Hair,

Gut Health, and Immune Health.


 Learn how our ingredients provide

incredible support based on clinical data.

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