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yerba mate drink by tche, flavor terra, brown liquid with hand pouring milk into glass

Tche is a super-food energy powder made with organic yerba mate and guarana, giving you immediate and sustaining energy–adding to this, a complete multivitamin, a huge amount of antioxidants, prebiotic fiber, specialized probiotic blend, omega-3 and omega-6, collagen, and taurine. 

Everything you need to optimize your health.

Tche is the best start to your day.

drink tchê

yerba mate • guarana • lots of good stuff

no jitters,
no crashing.

just all of the right stuff to help your body function optimally.
yerba mate drink by tche, flavor terra, brown liquid in glass


 Tche focuses on five clinical domains:

Brain & Mind, Heart Health, Skin & Hair,

Gut Health, and Immune Health.


 Learn how our ingredients provide

incredible support based on clinical data.

brain, heart, stomach, hair, immunity icons

Flavors that complement your daily ritual.

caffeine amounts that fit your lifestyle.

We understand that not every person’s energy needs are the same, so we made each flavor available in three different caffeine concentrations.


as much as a
hot chocolate


as much as a
caffeinated soda


as much as an energy drink

Fabio Sagebin
Dr. Fabio Sagebin

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Founder/Creator of tchê

Originally from the south of Brazil, Dr. Sagebin was inspired to use Yerba Mate and Guarana to create a healthier and more sustaining caffeinated drink option.

There was a time that I was drinking a couple of energy drinks a day to get through the long operations and long days in the hospital. I knew this was not a good long-term solution for sustaining energy and optimal health.

After more than a year and many, many iterations, we are proud to introduce the world to Tche.

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