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peppermint & cupuacu

tche verde tastes like a peppermint
bomb in you mouth.


caffeine amount: as much as a hot chocolate

Ideal for people who drink little to no caffeine. Get all of the benefits of a Tche without significant amounts of caffeine. 


caffeine amount: as much as a caffeinated soda

Ideal for people used to caffeinated soda or black/green tea. Tche 73 has enough punch to get most people through the entire day. 


caffeine amount: as much as an energy drink

Ideal for the daily coffee drinker/consumer of energy drinks. Tche 140 gives you everything you depend on from your daily coffee, only twice as long and with all of the added benefits. 

Green yerba mate powder

What's inside Verde?

Ingredients: mascavo, organic whole yerba mate, organic whole peppermint, organic whole cupuacu, organic guarana powder, organic whole quinoa, collagen, guar gum as fiber and prebiotic, probiotic blend (5 billion CFU), taurine, sucralose, multivitamin blend.

Serving size: 1 scoop (10g) / Servings per container: 30

Calories 25

  • Total fat 0g

  • Sodium 0mg

  • Total carbohydrate 4g

  • Dietary fiber 100mg

  • Total sugars 3.5g / Added sugar 2.5g

  • Protein 2g

  • Collagen  1.7g


Vitamin D 10mcg50% / Potassium 56.4mg2% / Vitamin E50% / Riboflavin 50% / Folate 50% / Pantothenic Acid 35% / Magnesium25% / Calcium 13mg 0% / Vitamin A 25% / Vitamin B12 50% / Zinc 50% / Iron 1.08mg 6% / Vitamin C 0% / Thiamin 50% / Vitamin B6 50% / Biotin 50% / Vitamin K 20% / Niacin 50%

how to enjoy

scoop and cup icons

one scoop

(1 tbsp) of tchê

one cup (8oz) of liquid (water, milk, or both)

frother icon

dissolve with shaker bottle, frother, or mixing vigorously

enjoy hot or cold

fire and ice icon

about the

Whole, plant-based caffeine is key to proper sustaining energy. 

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