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Rewards Program

Receive points redeemable in our store when supporting us!

How can I win points?

Create an account with us, and access your rewards on the tab to the left of your screen!

Like us on
Social Media!

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and receive 50 points for each follow!

Refer a Friend!

Send a friend a $5 coupon, if they purchase some Tchê, you receive $5 back!

Make a Purchase!

Receive 100 points per $1 spent

(500 points = $5 off!)

How can I access/redeem my points?

Your Rewards are visible after logging in into our website in our "Rewards" tab to the left of the screen!

Click on your "Rewards" tab, and click on "Ways to Redeem".

You can redeem with a code at checkout! (you can't combine it with other coupons, only with gift cards)

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