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Man with a hat holding a cup of yerba mate

who we are.

When I was a kid, we delivered newspapers in the early morning before school, and helped my parents clean buildings at night before bed. We worked hard, we played hard, and they were some of the happiest times.

We were raised to take pride in hard work and we learned the empowering confidence that comes from doing things yourself, and doing things the right way. We don’t cut corners and we believe that our identity is best defined by what we do, and how we treat others.
When we created Tche, we did so with the ethos that…we don’t care who you are, we only care about what you do. We will do our part to give you the best of what we can give, so that you can DO the things that make you great.

Dr. Fabio M. Sagebin, MD

tche: going back to our roots.

Tche is a colloquial expression used by gauchos to express greetings and exclamations.

The gauchos live in the south of Brazil, Uruguay, and parts of Chile, and Argentina. They are people of the land who raise cattle and strong families. They live by an ethos of hard work, honor, trust, and family. 


They brought prosperity to South America and continue to thrive in a rich culture, while sipping yerba mate. Our founder comes from the south of Brazil and was raised with those values.

At Tche, we recognize and honor hard working people all over the world who take pride in their craft. Whether you’re cleaning buildings, or performing open-heart surgery, or raising the next generation of gauchos, we salute everyone who takes the responsibility of living seriously and who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. 


We created Tche with you in mind. We have included everything you need for your body to function optimally by concentrating on five clinical domains addressed by key ingredients in Tche, learn more here.

Gaucho on a horse walking on a trail
Fabio Sagebin

Dr. Fabio Sagebin was born in the south of Brazil. He and his family immigrated to Utah, where he was raised along with his five siblings. He attended UVU where he studied biology and chemistry before attending NYU school of medicine. He specialized in cardiothoracic surgery with an emphasis in shock and heart failure.

Dr. Sagebin was a front line worker during the COVID pandemic and managed the sickest patients who needed life support. Long hours, long surgeries, and an overall desire to optimize his health prompted him and his wife to create Tche. They live in Southern California where he practices medicine and they raise their four boys. 

try it for yourself.

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