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Gut Health

Prebiotic fiber, a clinical amount of custom-blend probiotic, and a complete multivitamin give your gut a bear-hug.

The colon serves as the major water-absorption organ, it houses literally billions of bacteria which are vital to your normal physiological function and your immune system. Many people aren’t aware that healthy bacteria in your gut are CRITICAL in the activation of vitamins which are VITAL cofactors in maintaining normal enzyme health as well as countless physiolgoical functions.

Many people are depleted of good bacteria in their gut, or are inadvertently starving them with a typical western diet which is poor in fiberour gut bacteria’s main source of food. In Tche we include clinically validated amounts of good bacteria (5 billion units per serving!) as well as the fiber they need to thrive. Our fiber sources include many of the active ingredients (peppermint fiber, yerba mate fiber, guar gum fiber, and quinoa fiber). The combined effect is super gut-health. 

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