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Yerba Mate & Guarana Work Better than Coffee

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Whole-Plant Yerba Mate & Guarana for Sustainable Energy

You want energy that is smart and sustaining, but do you know what it takes to get there? The source of your energy — and its quality — matters for your health. To give you the real ingredients for a smart and sustaining energy option, we don’t use just yerba mate or guarana extracts — we give you the whole plant.

Yerba Mate: A Natural Source of Caffeine

Yerba mate is a South American beverage brewed from the holly tree (Ilex paraguariensis). It has been consumed amongst Brazilian, Paraguayan, and Argentinian cultures since pre-colonial times as a sign of friendship. Its unique profile includes 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, polyphenols and antioxidants like flavonoids. While yerba mate contains some caffeine (roughly 75mg per 8oz cup), it has other compounds that help slow the release into the bloodstream differently than when consuming caffeine in isolation. This supports steadier alertness levels without overstimulation with no crashing feeling later on. It also provides many nutritional benefits not found with regular caffeine consumption alone. At our company, we work directly with local growers to extract only the leaves of yerba mate for our drinks - never twigs or stems - to preserve its unique flavor profile and provide high quality ingredients to our customers. This means you’re getting more bang-for-your-buck because all parts of the plant are being used in each cup!

Guarana: An Essential Brazilian Ingredient

Guarana is another key ingredient that gives you a smart and sustaining energy boost. This Amazonian berry has been used among native Brazilians for centuries due to its energizing properties derived from guaranine, which is similar in chemical structure to caffeine (but three times more powerful!). Additionally, guarana features various b-vitamins like pantothenic acid and riboflavin — essential for physical performance — as well as tannins, saponins, xanthine, flavonoids, sterols and triterpenes which play key roles in how quickly your body can absorb this beneficial ingredient into your system. At Tchê, we choose whole guarana fruit over extracts because they contain more protective antioxidants that help sustain an active lifestyle while preserving overall wellness by supporting a healthier metabolism without any artificial ingredients or flavors added in!


We believe everyone deserves sustainable energy that doesn't compromise their health or well-being. That's why at Tchê we don’t use processed products like yerba mate extracts or guarana extracts — we give you the whole plant so you can experience real results without any fillers! So go ahead, try out our products knowing that each cup will give you reliable energy - without a crash - all day long so that you can keep performing at your best!

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