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Tchê is how smart people do energy, here’s why.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Tchê is eight supplements in one. It was created for smart busy people by a smart busy person. It recognizes that if you’re going to get off of coffee and energy drinks, you need something that outperforms coffee and energy drinks and is more than just a “promise” of health.

Tchê performs by giving you all natural, organic, plant based caffeine from the Yerba Mate plant found in the south of Brazil, and the guarana plant found in the amazon. Since Tchê contains whole-plant product, there is a sustaining energy that lasts much, much longer than products containing caffeine extracts.

Why both guarana and yerba mate? Two reasons. Guarana tends to hit right away. You’ll feel its effect by the time you’re half way through your glass of Tchê.  Yerba mate gets metabolized later, and down stream in your upper GI tract. That’s the sustaining energy. It’s common for people who drink Tchê to get a second wave of energy, hours after drinking their Tchê.

Yerba mate is also one of the most potent stimulants of GLP-1, an important molecule found in our bodies that signals satiety (the feeling of being full and having a reduced appetite). It’s also common for people who drink Tchê first thing in the morning, to have reduced appetite until much later in the day—perfect for intermittent fasting since Tchê only contains 25cal per serving.

Coupled with two forms of plant based energy, Tchê contains taurine. Taurine is not a stimulant, it’s a naturally occurring amino acid which is essential during childhood development. It functions as a neurotransmitter but has an interesting functional property. Taurine stimulates a neurocognitive pathway associated with rest, relaxation, calm and focus. Coupled with the stimulating effects of caffeine, taurine modulates the Tchê experience resulting in a calm, focused, jittery-free, kind of energy.

Tchê contains a custom made complete multivitamin. One serving contains half of your daily requirement of many key vitamins. Why only half? People shouldn’t get all of their vitamins from a supplement, you should still get a substantial amount from the food you eat. 50% gives you a massive head start.

Tchê contains potent antioxidants. Among foods testing highest in antioxidant concentration are the acai berry, raw cocoa, raw cinnamon, Yerba mate, guarana, cupuacu, and many others, all of which are found in Tchê.

Tchê contains plant based omega three and six. One of the most well studied supplements for heart health is omega three fatty acid. It’s a critical energy component for cardiovascular health and has benefits too many to list here. It is one of the few supplements that has been shown in clinical trials to reduce cardiovascular risk.

Tchê contains a clinical dose of custom probiotic. The study and benefit of probiotics is well established. A healthy gut is built on healthy probiotic bacteria. Most supplements containing probiotics as an ingredient fail to disclose the amount found in the supplement. Tchê contains over 10 billion CFU (colony forming units) per serving! That’s a huge amount and consistent with amounts used in clinical trials to show a significant benefit.

Tchê also contains a clinical dose of high grade collagen. Collagen is another supplement that has been well studied. It contributed not only to the health of your skin and hair, but adds strength to your joints and the overall soft tissue. It’s one of the miracle anti aging supplements and you get a whopping dose with every serving of Tchê.  Again, we used amounts that when tested in clinical trials showed a significant benefit.

Tchê contains plant based fiber. Along with probiotics, prebiotic fiber is critical to a healthy gut. The symbiosis between healthy bacteria and homeostasis is made possible because of fiber. Fiber is non digestible to humans, but is bacteria’s favorite food. The fiber that we cannot digest feeds our healthy gut bacteria and keeps them strong and active. It is well known that western diets are severely deficient in fiber. With every serving of Tchê you are consuming whole plants rich in fiber. You are actually feeding the probiotic bacteria that you consumed in Tchê. This is a 1-2 punch for gut health.

One of the reasons Tchê tastes so great is our proprietary blend of raw mascavo (unrefined raw Brazilian sugar) and a tiny amount of sucralose. Sucralose is made from normal sugar molecules with a chloride substitute on a couple of the molecular end groups (chloride is one of the most abundant molecules found in our body, in fact table salt is sodium chloride). This results in the inability of your body to absorb or metabolize it. Non absorption means no calories. Sucralose is excreted naturally when you go to the bathroom. It’s one of the most studied sweeteners and totally safe according to the national cancer institute, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and most importantly, the FDA.

Tchê is one of the most unique products on the market. It’s a rare combination of health supplement and functional energy replacement. It has the power and potency to replace your coffee and energy drink, and is powered by smart science. It was created by a board certified cardiac surgeon who lives by an ethos of common sense medicine, health, and nutrition.  It is completely manufactured in-house by his team and was developed from scratch in San Clemente California.

Try a sample today for 8 bucks. You literally have nothing to lose. If you hate it, we’ll send your money back. If you love it, like we think you will, subscribe to get Tchê monthly for an awesome discount and we’ll even subtract the cost of that sample from your first month.

Put down the coffee and energy drinks. There’s a smarter way to do energy.

Drink Tchê.

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